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    Surprise! Welcome to the debut of WITH a recipe! We were challenged to create the best version of Ned & Ariel's favorite recipe: Pavlova. It's just like without a recipe, but somehow more chaotic! Get the Pavlova recipe below and buy Ned & Ariel's cookbook today for more delectable treats:
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    Uyen Kirshenbaum
    Michelin Starred Pastry Chef
    Find her work on Instagram: @kirshbakingco
    4 egg whites
    1 cup granulated sugar
    2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, to
    3 tangerines
    2 navel oranges
    1 ruby red grapefruit
    1½ cups whipped cream (store bought or homemade, see
    page xxx)
    1 tablespoon honey
    A handful of fresh basil or mint, to serve
    1. Preheat the oven to 250°F.
    2. In a large bowl, use a stand mixer or a hand mixer on high speed to beat eggs until frothy, being careful not to over mix, you don’t want it to look grainy. Add the sugar and lemon juice slowly, 1 tablespoon of sugar at a time, and continue to beat until it forms stiff peaks. Test it by pulling the whisk quickly up from the bowl and looking for a pointy, glossy top.
    3. Spoon the beaten egg whites onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Use a spoon or soft spatula to spread into a rough circle 9 inches in diameter. Bake until firm, about 1 hour. Allow to cool to room temperature in the oven with the door open.
    4. Prepare the citrus by cutting off the rind and white pith so you can see the citrus flesh. Slice each fruit into ¼-inch-thick rounds.
    5. To serve, transfer the cooled pavlova to a platter. Spread the whipped cream on top, leaving a 1-inch border around the edge. Arrange the citrus slices, drizzling with honey and garnishing with fresh basil or mint.
    TIP: The meringue can be made ahead of time and
    stored for up to 2 days.
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