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  1. Gianna Villalobos

    Kwesi is the best guest judge can’t argue that 😂😂 I lost it when he said “credit score”

  2. Tamanna Ray

    I am a Virgo girl

  3. Dalene Hallowell

    Why is it so funny that Keith is dressed like Simon from Alvin and The Chili unos, and Alvin and The Chipmunk come on? 😂

  4. Jessica L.

    why does Eugene looking fucking weird in this episode. he looks like he belongs in a 2000s Adam Sandler flick or something. im very confused

  5. Rosé Is A Queen

    Sorry but Pavlova looks like a lot of uneccesary work and waste of egg whites for what at the end just looks like whipped cream with some oranges 😂. Could save alot of time and effort and just have that. This seems like a posh, rich people food.

  6. Kira Bornemann

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this masterpiece. I was so struck but how incredibly poignant it is. I don’t cry very easily and the tears just kept flowing. Wow.

  7. Vaibhavi Singh

    4:11-4:17 had me dying😂

  8. Lucinda

    She should have taught them the chain first....It's how you build everything... The musical was fire

  9. Delaney Ness

    More fashion episodes!!!

  10. Rubul Rose

    thought Ive had for a while! BUT- I'm a trans man- and id LOVE if the try guys came out with packing underwear for trans people with packers so they can wear their underwear merch as well!

  11. Abie Nahl

    Eugene and Bowie: Go on a hike and take pictures Zach and Bean: Play, and gain trust then goes plays outside Ned and Pesto: Chill, go on a walk, and go to a dog park Keith and Emma: walks like 2 blocks, drives around a lot, and just sits down, then takes a bath with her. Clear winner and loser

  12. Jenna Budrewicz

    I would love to see them bungee jump..not into volcano. but normal

  13. Boost ,

    cross shit is perfect for these dudes

  14. Master of Dragon Knight

    is keith gay?

  15. bébé boudeur

    wait, so your exams in high school are just maths and literature to enter university??

  16. Randy Lavallee

    ZHC video is not up? Or am i just stupid!?! Please dont be the latter

  17. Dalene Hallowell

    "Sexy Dreidel!" 😂

  18. Rubul Rose

    As a trans man I wanna try lots fashion I don't have the confidence for! at least after top surgery! one of which? CROP TOPS- also lance shirts- and sheer stuff-

  19. Kelli Patigayon

    I loved this

  20. Wes Remmers

    how has it taken me this long to find this video. as a gay man in his youth, this really is so beautiful to me.

  21. Asher Eros

    im drinking 2 coffees and a monster energy at 10pm because it's been a long day but i still have a lot of work to do or else my parents will yell at me, and if they do i will cry and have a mental breakdown. so how's everyone else's friday night been?

  22. bébé boudeur

    is High Ned is as functional as Drunk Ned? it's for a science project

  23. Rosalie Salina

    I knew it we support u 😚

  24. Gemini Shayne

    Ned is so funny when he drunk

  25. Lisa Mcminn

    I’ll never forget my first poker game. I didn’t know what was going on half the time and somehow ended up with Royal Flush in spades... wild

  26. sheesa liston

    Everyone: reacting to the videos normally Eugene: talks about pokemon for 7 minutes and 38 seconds

  27. Christina

    Eugene is so friggin talented

  28. Christian Kirby


  29. Skrew driven

    such alphas

  30. Christian Kirby

    Let me find out SPP ain’t in this videeo

  31. Madeline Steinhoff

    loving keith's impromptu slam poem

  32. CreativeMentalist

    I showed this to my mom and she just started taking pictures of the cheese and sending herself the snapshots...she also eats her blue cheese exclusively with honey now thanks to this

  33. Julissa Andrew

    What was Virginia Tech that Eugene was talking about??

  34. Erika Clark

    So, was no one else surprised when Eugene came out? Like YASSS QUEEN!

  35. Angela Adams

    They sound higher and drunker than they do when they're actually high and drunk

  36. Gem Grateful

    WOW! They're cultivating his head!

  37. Michael Kitto

    Did Keith spell Yale with a 6?

  38. Gacha Playz

    Me:* expecting Pisces to be low* Allison:*puts Pisces at the top* My self-esteem:🥳

  39. seymourglass26

    Dude, she was two throws from a perfect game (frames 2 and 4). That woman is a nasty bowler.

  40. musicalGenocide

    i think i just noticed that Eugene says try guy gay time

  41. Lex Ro

    I need to know how Ariel’s mom reacted to Ned SABOTAGING with the Serrano peppers 😂

  42. nyrlogan1

    Keith created a Snozzberry!!! Lmao Willy Wonka would be proud!

  43. Christopher Patrone Jr.

    "For every book Becky reads... I don't read one." 😂😂😂

  44. Meg Shimek

    Okay imma need more of the try guys doing cosplay

  45. Isabella Peters

    Everyone is taking to Fauci.... how can what these guys ask him be any different from the hundreds of other people he has done interviews with. Fauci is a puppet and a liar.

  46. Claire Santiago

    Do a Cooking Lasagna Without a Recipe please!!

  47. c akers

    So can we see the twins?

  48. Jayme Raw Omnivore Forge

    Becky getting pudgy. Haha.

  49. Jillian Pamintuan 예쁜

    The baby with the realistic hair really looks like Ned even the hair is similar

  50. Gen Doll

    I think Eugene cares for Zach the most lol.

  51. Storm Angelus


  52. PR FOX

    Lmboooo belly scratching is easy!

  53. Shiquita Banana

    The last one looked like a cross between, Nancy Grace, Lady Gaga, and Liza Minelli.

  54. Nina Spaltenberg

    i love how they both ranked their own opposite sing last

  55. thadivsam

    Zach and Zach

  56. Evan Descheneaux


  57. libbie watenehill

    OMG I would love to win the phone Keith designed

  58. Elie Cerchio

    “WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!??” Zach: “oh so many things” 😂😂😂

  59. sheesa liston

    Princesses must have fucking suffered wearing these

  60. Jeannine Cathcart

    such ugly buggers

  61. I cry for Billie

    i'm kind of shocked that they can actually make decent drawings, the only thing i would do is :)

  62. Nick Watland

    I’m gonna try this in Thailand

  63. graight

    The pockets are so small, i broke my phone because it fell out my pocket

  64. Enoch Gabriel Gonzales


  65. PR FOX

    I looove dumplings!!!

  66. Fixy Lieberus

    This is what I call the jollibee russian roulette, because the menu is so made for Filipino taste that if foreigners eat it, interesting things might happen.

  67. PR FOX

    That's was sooo fun to watch! I wanna see that again

  68. VioHRD

    I'll stick to my frozen margaritas...

  69. James Backwards

    His face when Keith is explaining why the steak is raw 14:43 😭😂

  70. Mad Bright

    The after credit scene... Eugene created COVID. It was all a prank. A prank so big even their grandchildren would feel it...

  71. Seronez

    just get a chicken teriyaki with everything they have other than that pickled stuff, cheese if you like, honey oat bread toasted, honey mustard and southwest sauce.

  72. syth_ mohab


  73. PinkPandaHD

    To Zack Free Israel!!!

  74. Julia Anastasha Jimenez

    okay, so i kinda knew just from body language in general that Eugene was gay. I thought he'd already come out and everyone knew, I guess not. Be in mind, I've been watching the Try Guys for 3 years.


    i would NOT be okay with this...IM WATCHING THIS AND IM FREAKING OUT

  76. Lydia Barbour

    How about recreating macrons for Home-Cooked VS. a professional baker.

  77. Zoe Morley

    John is a savage

  78. Julia Chen

    Isn’t babyccino just frothed milk with some cocoa powder on top? How could that taste bad😂 what did you do to the babyccino Maccas

  79. Jax Johnson

    i’m zach when cooking anything and my bf is eugene & keith telling me everything is fine